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I met Dennis Quaid.

September 15, 2008

This week has been the most stressful and exciting week of the semester….thus far.  I was assigned two very AWESOME shoots.  Friday, I started at the Post-Standard again.  I went in, and the asst. editor asked if I wanted to go to campus to take pictures of Dennis Quaid (with it being the premiere weekend of The Express).  Did he even have to ask!?  I drove up to the quad, and it was POURING rain.  My khaki pants were soaked up to my knees.  

There was a press conference on the quad that had just finished, and I saw a small crowd making their way to the dome.  I was trying to hunt down Dennis, so I followed them.  It turned out that it was Dennis Quaid under the umbrella with some reporters, but they wouldn’t let me into the dome!  Eventually, I was able to weasel my way in with connections from the Post and Universal.  There were only a couple of privileged reporters that were allowed in the Dome at that time, so I felt pretty special.  I took photos of Dennis and the lead actor, Rob Brown, of The Express, and MET THE DIRECTOR!  He was really friendly. (by the way, these photos won’t be posted here until next Friday).

Saturday, I was able to shoot for the first time the football game in the dome the for the Daily Orange, where Dennis Quaid and a couple of other actors from the movie were standing on the sidelines.  As usual, we lost by an embarrassing amount (I think 54-6?).  But, it was still fun to BE on the sidelines IN the action.

I was also asked at the last minute to shoot a local artist group, called Avalanche for Jerk Magazine.  The guys are graduate students at S.U. and do these crazy video projections in Rochester.


S.U. Men’s Football vs. Penn State:







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