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The pictures you want tomorrow, you have to take today.

September 24, 2008

This week has been pretty eventful in my non-photo life.  I was named part of the Homecoming Court, a great honor at S.U., and my family came to visit to celebrate.  Therefore, I wasn’t able to shoot too much.  I’m posting men’s soccer photos from a couple of weeks ago and the two assignments from last week at the Post-Standard (Dennis Quad interview and girls’ soccer).  

Sunday, I walked to the Westcott Street Fair expecting it to be pretty lame, especially since it is three blocks from my house.  However, I was impressed at the wide array of people, cultures, and artists that came out to participate in the parade and sell work.  I was able to meet some interesting people, like the Raging Grannies (who are protesting the war), a deaf dalmatian, Obama recruiters, the Bassett Street Hounds, and some really cute kids.


Girls’ Soccer:





















Dennis Quaid & Rob Brown (lead in The Express) Interview:











Syracuse Men’s Soccer vs. Monmouth:



Westcott Street Fair:

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