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October 4, 2008

It’s been a day full of cancelled shoots.  

I went to the annual Newhouse Dog Show where there were at least 20 adorable pups prancing on the lawn, some in tutus and others brushed to perfection.  However, as soon as the show started, a torrential rainstorm began.  All the pooches were rushed for cover inside Newhouse 3.  The rain didn’t stop for about an hour–and then it was sunny the rest of the day.  Go figure.

I was really excited to shoot football tonight for the Post-Standard because their cage had the 400 2.8 lens available.  But as soon as I dragged that ridiculously heavy lens to my car….my car wouldn’t start.  I ended up waiting–and parked illegally right by a fire hydrant–for an hour for someone to jump-start my car.  Then, I drove through the south side to get a new battery, which took an additional half hour.  

With all of this drama, though, I was able to get a couple of cute shots of the dogs, and I experimented with the lights outside while I froze in my car waiting for help.  haha.


Newhouse Dog Show:






This is what happens when you mixed boredom with a camera:






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