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fall foliage

October 14, 2008

This weekend I was attached to my camera.  Friday, Mahala & I went on a mission to find fall foliage to complete our “weather” photo for class.  After figuring that the Adirondacks were 3 hours away, we decided to settle for Ithaca.  The leaves were beautiful all the way down 81-S, as well as in Treman Park.  We did meet an interesting couple along the way, who hailed from London.  He insisted on taking an photo of us to let us see how it feels to be photographed.  He instructed us to act like we were surprised and upset.  I’ll post his picture if he ever sends it my way.  Mahala & I did deviate a little bit from our photo duties and stopped at a delicious diner & went wine tasting (only 30 minutes out of our way–oops!)  

Once I arrived back in Syracuse, I took a short nap and then prepared to shoot at CNS vs. Liverpool football for the Post-Standard.  Let’s just say that by the end of the day, I was exhausted.

Saturday I drove down to LaFayette for the apple festival.  It took me longer to wait for parking than it did to get there!  I was too busy taking in every ounce of the warm weather & God’s great earth to care too much.  I did get to eat some of the most AMAZING apple pie while on assignment.  haha.

Sunday I woke up early to work on my photo story (more to come later on that…), and then I did some band pictures for White After Labor day.  It was fun to get funkY with the lighting & photoshop and nice to get away from structure & just experiment.  Hopefully the band likes them!

CNS vs. Liverpool (Friday):


This photo was published in Saturday’s Post-Standard :)



LaFayette Apple Festival:









White After Labor Day:









Fall Foliage in Ithaca:





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