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October 21, 2008

I spent the entire weekend in Clay, NY for a photography workshop run through the VIC department in Newhouse.  I had been stressed about this weekend since I heard about it the first week of class.  I knew I wouldn’t be getting much sleep, nor food, nor rest.  This was true–but I had an absolutely AMAZING experience in return.  So, it was all worth it.

We started the workshop on Thursday evening.  There were two speakers:  Chip Maury & Nikki Kahn, both extremely experienced and amazing photographers.  Chip reminded us of the basics of photography.  This really stuck with me this weekend.  Looking for light, expression, action, etc.  Nikki has explored some really inspiring and intriguing stories, like one that she is currently working on about AIDS Hospice patients.  Then, we got into our groups & talked shop.

Lisa Krantz was my coach for the weekend.  She is a Syracuse alum who works in San Antonio.  She said a lot of things that really clicked for me.  One was, shoot what YOU want to shoot.  More than likely, others will like it too.  I often find myself editing while I shoot because I get self-conscious about what angle I want to shoot, the content, etc.  So instead, I just shot EVERYTHING I saw that looked beautiful or had potential to be a telling image.  Of course I shot a lot of crap–but I think that comes with the process.  Thankfully Lisa didn’t mind editing through over 2000 photos, and she hates flash!  Finally, someone else sees eye-to-eye in this matter!

All weekend I spent time with the Mills’ family, who own “Cream of the Crop” produce stand, and are farmers.  Even thought it involved REALLY early shoots (including a wake-up call at 3:00 a.m. on Saturday), it was a GREAT story.  I had so much fun with the family.  They were really down-to-earth and funny.  They forced me to accept breakfast on Friday & Saturday, and a steak dinner on Friday evening.  What a treat!  And, since I was shooting in the morning, I was fortunate to have beautiful light and see a couple of great sunrises:)  

Overall, I learned a lot, met some really inspiring photographers & didn’t really sleep at all.  But, I felt like I made a small mark on the town & my passion for photography was reinstated.  You can check out the workshop photos here.  (I’m on team 5)

I think this might be what I’m supposed to do with my life.









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