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October 23, 2008

I’m a hard-core SU basketball fan.  Like, seriously.  I’ve spent countless nights and weeks outside of the dome camping out in the middle of FEBRUARY when the temperature circulates around 0 degrees…and with this craziness I’ve been able to sit in the front row, make friends with the security guards, rush the court, get some AWESOME limited edition SU sneakers (selected for being one of the best fans–there were about 50 of us), and have the most amazing time with my friends :) So, when I got the chance to FINALLY help shoot the basketball media day, I, OF COURSE, was willing to skip class.  

What a freaking frenzy!  If you have never been to an athletic media day before–well, let me describe the basics.  There are tons of news crews from different papers, TV stations, and other media outlets. Photographers fill the small space trying to get the most creative photo even though the background is cluttered with other photographers attempting to get the same shot.  News writers bombard the stars with their recorders in an effort to get a killer quote.  And the NOISE and FLASHING lights don’t stop until the players leave.

It’s pretty exciting.

I was on The Daily Orange team.  The editors arrived around 11, and we couldn’t start shooting the women’s team until 2:00.  I was assigned the women’s bball head coach & a photo of Eric Devendorf & Andy Rautins, since they had both suffered ACL injuries this past season.  Coach Q was awesome.  Super nice, super personable. Devo & I bonded over both being from Michigan (He’s from Bay City).  He even knew were Muskegon was, even though his teammates assumed it was by Saginaw.  

I’m looking forward to getting the opportunity to shooting the games this season, since the past 3 years I’ve sat in the stands as a fan.


Jimmy B giving his thoughts on the upcoming season with the press.


Kristof Ongenaet.


Coach Boeheim. 



My favorite shot from the day.  I just LOVE the domed ceiling & the lights. 


Coach Q.  Taken with a couple of flashes on light stands.  


Devendorf & Rautins


Me.  I’m up and coming.  Didn’t you know?  Photo credit:  Joey Baker.

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