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St. Lucia

January 11, 2009

With nothing but the sand, blue skies,  an infinite expanse of the ocean, and a lot of time–I had not much to do but think and dream while vacationing in St. Lucia with my mom.  

A worry of mine has always been that I’m not good enough to make a successful career out of photography.  And by success, I don’t mean raking in millions of dollars.  I want my photographs to be meaningful and make a difference in someone else’s life, and hopefully be able to support myself with this purpose.  On vacation, I desperately wanted to go off on my own into the fishing towns and meet the locals and capture their way of life.  I became very frustrated when I couldn’t because A/ I didn’t have a car and B/ I would have to go on this trip with that purpose in mind because it would probably take the whole week to complete the project.  BUT, among the frustrations, it became blazingly clear–again–my passion for what I do.  For me to want to sacrifice tanning on the beach and the luxury of a resort to instead camp out in what looked like colored huts, I think, says something.  

I had a great conversation with our taxi driver, Henrick, about life in general.  He asked what I was studying, and I had to explain what photojournalism is.  And, in telling him about my dreams and hopes for the future, I again caught myself in the passion that drives me.  He told me that the next time I visit, he will take me to the local towns :)  He was definitely my favorite driver!  

So with this rant–I’m trying to say that I’m ready to jump in and take the risk.  I want to enter into this semester with the focus of pushing myself to grow as a photographer, and to try to not worry about grades or getting a job.  After all, it’s in God’s hands.


I find I’m always attracted to rust, the color green, and texture


…and silhouettes 


If I weren’t a tourist, I would have worked this for 15 more minutes.  I only shot two frames.


I wanted to get closer to her.  I should have been 2 feet away instead of across the street.


I was attempting to show the busyness of the city with the kids running around, the locals working, and the tourists.  Not quite sure that I nailed it….












Every girl loves flowers…haha.

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