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January 23, 2009

My goal for this semester is to experiment, explore, and allow myself to fail.  A great photographer is NEVER safe.  

I’m reaching for the next level, and while it is quite a jump–I’m taking the risk and the frustrations that go along with it.

A special person in my life lent me two basic photo books while I was discouraged earlier this week.  Here are some  quotes that inspired me:

“Avoid making a commotion, just as you wouldn’t stir up the water before fishing.  Don’t use a flash out of respect for the natural lighting, even when there isn’t any.  If these rules aren’t followed, the photographer becomes unbearably obtrusive.”
-Henri Cartier-Bresson

“To me photography is the simultaneous recognition in a fraction of a second of the significance of an event, as well as the precise organization of forms that give that event its proper expression” 
-Henri Cartier-Bresson

“The question is not what you look at, but what you see.”
-Henry David Thoreau

“Pictures make people feel less alone.  They look at a picture and say, ‘That’s how I feel.’  That’s enough for me.”

“I have always believed that I don’t own my photography, rather that it owns me.  It gave me  a life, an extraordinary ife which could never be repeated.  I feel as if the gift of seeing what is really going on in the world is mine only so long as I put it to proper use.”
-Donald McCullin 

…and I think my favorite:

“The function of the photographer is to help people understand the world around them.”
-Sid Grossman 

Here are some photos from my first assignment (scavenger hunt):



From the hip (without looking through the viewfinder):










Self Portrait


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