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March 31, 2009

I accidentally met the Savich family earlier this semester when doing a scavenger hunt for my photo class.  I was driving around, and noticed this beautiful church with gorgeous stained glass windows.  I went inside to see if anyone was praying, and I met Sergey, who told me a little bit about his family.  His family (and church community) are from Ukraine, and he has 9 siblings.  They are a very hard-working family that relies on their faith and each other to get through the hard times.  

Anyway…Sergey called me a few weeks ago to announce his engagement to the beautiful Liliya, and wanted me to shoot pictures at their traditional Ukrainian engagement ceremony.  Basically, the tradition dates back to biblical times.  The guy visits her home to propose with his family to “take her away.”  If her family offers bread, they accept.  If they give a pumpkin, they reject.  

There was bread.

The ceremony was in Russian (or Ukrainian?), so I didn’t understand anything that was said.  But, I could feel the love and emotionality of the event.  There was lots of crying and laughing…and made for a great evening (with amaaaazing food).  I feel very blessed to have met this family.


Liliya waiting for Sergey to arrive.  She was so nervous!



Her friend waiting as well.



The Savich family arrives!






A sweet moment between mother & daughter.  




before & after



Proposing.  The cutest thing ever.



Emotion during prayer.



Sergey’s mom during prayer.

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