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it’s been a long time coming…

July 7, 2009

This baby (probably about 8 months) was left alone outside because his parents were in the field working. Many of the children in these camps are being raised in a terrible environment.

This is a woman that I interviewed for about 30 minutes. She is taking care of 6 grandchildren because her daughters are dead. She has a difficult time getting food, and her home consists of a very small hut–about 7 feet in diameter.

Hello all!

I’m presently writing from Gulu, Uganda in an internet cafe. The connection is VERY slow.
For the past two days, we have been working in the IDP camp of Tegatatoo. It’s been an extremely emotional and eye-opening experience. We see about 100 kids each day, most of whom are wearing rags, or no clothes. The children have runny noses, and many of the babies cry and cry (probably because they are scared of us). It makes my day when you are able to make one of them smile. You can see the hurt in their eyes. Many of them have lost family in the war or are suffering from the conditions in the camp.
I’ve been working on a story about the people left behind in this camp. The Ugandan government is forcing many to return to their villages. All wish to return, but their homes are gone. I’ve spoken with many elderly women who are unable to return because they cannot physically build a home.
Many are caring for their grandchildren because their daughters are dead, and their husbands have fled.
I’ve tried to post photos, but I’m not sure if they are actually working (I can’t see thme on this slow speed internet) When I have a faster speed, I will be sure to post more.

Pleae continue to pray for my team and the families that we are ministering to.

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  1. falgun permalink
    August 6, 2009 5:56 am

    hi Megan, the photos are stunning and an eye opener, I think in order to wake up people a presentation similar to “Other side of Coin” should be made and aired at local stations over here

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