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September 9, 2009

I was trying to edit down my Tegatatoo project today for CPOY, and I came across these two photos.  They made me smile.


I was riding with Mercy (girl on left), her brother and mother to her cousin’s hut in Gulu for an interview.  Everyone looked so sad and tired, so I tried to make the kids laugh.  I took out my camera and made funny faces.  The kids were cracking up (I think the mother was laughing at me too).  I had them make silly faces too.  Even for someone with so much to be sad about–there is always an ounce of hope and joy.

Mercy lives in Gulu (about an hour’s car ride away) with her cousin (a child-run household) so that she can have a better education than if she was studying in the IDP camp.  Her mother only gets to see her four times a month because she cannot afford to move to Gulu.  Her first husband was killed in the war, and her second husband left her after bearing his child.  She is now a single mother trying to make ends meet with a poor outlook for the future, as it is difficult to start a business when all of your income goes to feeding your family.  There are so many stories like this that I wish I could remember and share.  Maybe someday I will have enough money to give a small loan so that Mercy can be reunited with her mother…..(check out ECM’s website if you want to help sponsor children like Mercy)

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