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September 28, 2009

The pictures… honestly the first few a had looked at were on facebook and your blog in jamaca while sergi went scuba diving and i was trying to kill some time…. I was so excited that when he came back, i  like ran with him to the computer lounge cuz i was so excited to show him… and then when i seen the rest on pictage… i was literally in tears. they were so beautiful.  you caught all the perfect moments and the photos look absolutely GORGEOUS. I have never been so satisfied about something like this.  Honestly you are incredible, your work is very original and stunning. I hope and pray God can use this amazing talent, gift, and something that you must work on very hard, for His glory somehow… You have such a way of capturing His creation, whether it is Africa sunsets, or couples in love, or a story about a family dying from disease.  I have just talked non stop to everyone about your work, when people ask about our photos and when they dont ask.  I recommend you to everyone getting married or who will be in the future.  Im not just saying this, I truly mean it.  You are amazing at what you do.  I wish you the best in everything.  May God lead you and guide you and open up amazing opportunities for you.

Be blessed,



Thanks, Lily & Sergey.

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