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December 22, 2009

This was one of those assignments that when I drove home, I thought to myself:  “I love my job.”

I’ve been to Double JJ Resort previously but never before in the wintertime.  My assignment was to photograph the dog sledding and indoor water park.  Of course, my tour guide insisted that I hop on the dogsled to try it out.  I was game for the adventure.  Here was my view:

One of the dog mushers was straddling me, and telling me that the previous time she rode in the sled, she wiped out.  So, here I am holding on to dear life, grasping on to $7,000 worth of photo equipment.  

We survived, and I had a blast. 

I had to straddle a rather large man on a snowmobile to get these shots.  He drove me to where the dogs would ride past;  I would hop off, then hop back on.  I had my cameras strapped to me like Xena Warrior Princess.  Did I mention that I lost my phone in the snow and had it run over?  

I love my job.

Double JJ Resort | for The Muskegon Chronicle 

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