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the times they are a-changin’

January 11, 2010

Today marks the end of my first full-time newspaper internship.  It was such an honor to work at The Muskegon Chronicle under some incredible staff, notably Ken Stevens, Kendra Stanley-Mills, and Cory Morse.  All three are amazingly talented photographers who have a true passion for what they do.   Even with the numerous changes and layoffs that the paper has seen this fall, they made it a fun environment to work and grow in.

As much as I am excited to get out of my hometown, I have to admit that I did enjoy being home for a few months.  Working at my local paper gave me a different perspective of the town I was raised in.  I drove through towns I had never been, learned my way around neighborhoods that I was scared to ever step foot in, got lost more times than I can remember, and met hundreds of amazing community members.  I’ve worked with ex-cons, athletes, politicians, dog lovers, scuba divers, college kids, veterans, dentists, the elderly, cops, kids, and on and on….

On my last day I managed to crash into a snowbank right before meeting the U.S. Ambassador to Russia.  Thankfully two extremely nice passerbys stopped to help me push after I finished my assignment.  What a day.

This paper has struggled to stand with the turn of the economy, which makes me sad.  I hope the Muskegon area can learn to appreciate community journalism and remember the importance of recording our town’s history.  

Good-bye Muskegon.  NYC, HERE I COME!

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