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“get a good pair of walking shoes and…fall in love”

March 16, 2010

If you are looking to be inspired as a photographer, this is a must read:  Wear Good Shoes:  Advice to young photographers

Here are some of my favorite clips:

“Forget about the profession of being a photographer. First be a photographer and maybe the profession will come after.”
Christopher Anderson

“1) Never think photography is easy. It’s like poetry in that it’s easy enough to make a few rhymes, but that’s not a good poem.
2) Study photography, see what people have achieved, but learn from it, don’t try photographically to be one of those people
3) Photograph things you really care about, things that really interest you, not things you feel you ought to do.
4) Photograph them in the way you feel is right, not they way you think you ought to
5) Be open to criticism, it can be really helpful, but stick to you core values
6) Study and theory is useful but you learn most by doing. Take photographs, lots of them, be depressed by them, take more, hone your skills and get out there in the world and interact.”
Chris Steele-Perkins

“Try not to take pictures, which simply show what something looks like. By the way you put the elements of an image together in a frame show us something we have never seen before and will never see again. And remember that catching a moment makes the image even more unique in the stream of time. Also, try to do workshops with photographers whose work you admire, but first ask around to make sure they are good teachers as well as good photographers. Taking good pictures is easy. Making very good pictures is difficult. Making great pictures is almost impossible.”
Constantine Manos

“Find something you are passionate about, and shoot your way through this obsession with elegance and you will have potential great project.”
Martin Parr

“I believe photography – like many other things one does in life – is the exact expression of who one is at a given moment: every time you compose and release the shutter you give voice to your thoughts and opinions of the world around you. So other than the obvious patience (photography is a complex medium, a voice which requires time to develop) and perseverance and the necessary humility when dealing with others, I would recommend working to become a more developed and informed individual, a more knowledgeable and engaged citizen. This will translate into a deeper more complex understanding of the world around you, and ultimately into a richer and more meaningful photography.”
Paolo Pellegrin

“Be yourself, get up early, and don’t try too hard, as whatever is trying to come out will come eventually without any effort, learn to trust your instincts and don’t think about what others will think or about the process too much. Work hard but enjoy it.”
Peter Marlow

“Follow your heart and never give up.”
Stuart Franklin

I’ve been in bit of a slump lately with shooting because my internship at MediaStorm is keeping me incredibly busy.  I worked about 90 hours at our workshop last week, and, as exhausting as it was,  I left incredibly inspired and a better storyteller.  There were some amazing photographers and editors I met along the way, and I am incredibly blessed to have learned from them.  I can’t wait to share my team’s piece once it’s finished (hopefully sometime over the next couple of weeks).

On another note, I’m  hoping to embark on a new long-term project this fall with a story that has reignited my flame.  Wedding season starts next week, and I can’t wait to get back in the saddle!

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