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only you can love me this way

June 5, 2010

When I met Lacey and Paul a year ago in Syracuse, they told me all about their The Office-themed wedding.  For the next year, I bragged to friends, clients, family about how I excited I was to experience this wedding.

The Williams impressed me with the time and energy they put into making this wedding to theme and on budget.  They made the flowers for the boutonnieres out of fabric, all of the table settings, the photo booth, the guest “book,” their mugs (instead of champagne glasses), and their family made the cake and pies.

The Cortland Repertory Theater was beautiful with a huge field of flowers, playground, bridge, and lake.  Oh!  And I can’t forget the gorilla train…

Lacey and Paul wanted to meet around a corner without seeing each other before the ceremony.

Paul told me the ONLY picture he wanted was one of him and his brother playing video games.

Dwight’s beet farm

Each table was named after a character in the show.

Lacey and Paul had “world’s best couple” mugs instead of champagne glasses. How fun!

Guests were interviewed throughout the night at the reception, just like in the show.

Each pair of parents was so cute dancing.

Congrats Lacey & Paul!  Hope you enjoyed yourselves in the Dominican Republic!

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