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at last

August 10, 2010

One of my earliest memories with Liz was swimming in Lake Michigan pretending to be mermaids.  We also made matching friendship chokers, played scrabble, and wrote each other every month or so as loyal pen pals (yes, we actually sent paper letters).

I heard a lot about Liz’s crushes in those days, but I never got to meet the man of her dreams until she was engaged!

On the day of Liz & Matt’s wedding, it was forecasted to storm all day.  But, thankfully it was clear when we took pictures.  The sun even came out to make a beautiful sunset at the end of the evening.

I can only wish nothing but the best to Liz and Matt.

Liz wasn’t fazed by the deer grazing in her backyard.  I guess it is pretty normal in Michigan.

Love her expression before the doors were opened!

This wedding party had some fun making their entrances…

These two were tearing up the dance floor!

Thanks Liz & Matt for inviting me to partake in such a momentous occasion!

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