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musings from a nomad

September 24, 2010

One of the best and worst things about my job is traveling.

It’s not uncommon for me to call Brendan and complain for the 100th time what “X” airline did wrong.  The flight was delayed; there isn’t any air conditioning; TOO MUCH air conditioning; the airline staff won’t let me bring my photo equipment with me (I SWEAR flight attendant, my bag fits under the seat EVERY time!); the flight departs too early in the morning; the flight leaves too late at night; there isn’t any food on the four-hour flight besides pretzels (unless I choose to pay $19.99 for a stale sandwich); the airport food is too expensive; there aren’t any outlets at the airport; security freaked out because I accidentally left my hand sanitizer in my purse…

Let’s just say I’ve seen it all.

But, today was different.

I had a pleasant airline experience (even while suffering from a chest cold…PRAISE THE LORD for healing me for the wedding this weekend!), and when I stepped out of the airport, I was reminded of why I LOVE my job so much.

The car ride to the little inn where I’m staying for this weekend’s wedding was one of the most scenic drives I’ve seen in a while.  The golden hour sun shone on the kids playing outside; the leaves were turning bright colors.  There was a slight breeze and a scent that is reminiscent of only the fall season.

It was beautiful.

And, I had a pleasant conversation with the other passenger about our lives:  my trip to Africa, and how she became a lawyer.  Everyone has a story worth telling.

When I went to dinner, I sat down by myself near the piano man.  I took piano lessons for eight years and absolutely love listening to live pianists.  The piano man (I would guess he was in his late 50s) talked with me for a little bit about different composers and genres of music.  He told me he had been playing piano his whole life.  I told him that one of my goals is to learn Fantaisie Impromptu in my lifetime.

I finished my dinner, browsed through my magazine, and sipped on delicious chamomile tea.  And I realized (as cheesy as it may sound):  Life is great.

I feel so blessed to be given the opportunity to travel and see so many different places and meet so many incredibly interesting people.  It’s totally worth arguing with the flight attendant over my bag ;)

[And, unfortunately, I didn’t shoot at all today.  The picture is from a different shoot, but I didn’t want to post without an image!]

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