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better together

November 12, 2010

Amber’s mom and my mom were best friends in high school; therefore, I sort of grew up with Amber.  It’s crazy to believe that she’s a married woman now, but I know that Tommy is the man she is supposed to grow old with.  Debbie (Amber’s mom) took me back to the airport to catch my flight after the wedding and reminisced about the first time Tommy came to visit Amber in Muskegon.  She giggled as she spoke about how nervous and timid Tommy first was…which shocked me because Tommy seemed completely at ease the entire wedding day.

Anyone can see that Tommy and Amber bring out the best in each other.

There were a few bumps along the way on the wedding day, but I totally LOVE brides like Amber who are so RELAXED and just let little things roll off their back.

Seconds before the first look…

I love each of these moments.

Mmm I’m in love with the above and below photos.  They seriously had one of the best fall days of October.

A minute to breathe before the ceremony…

The pastor had each of them write 10 things they loved about each other, and neither of them was allowed to see the list until the ceremony.  They both wrote “good kisser.”  Everyone laughed.

Instead of just clanging silverware and crystal, guest couples had to demonstrate a particular type of kiss, which Amber and Tommy had to mimic.  I have to admit, the game was pretty funny…especially with most of the contestants being older guests!

Weddings are a tad bit exhausting!

Tommy’s sister came up and clung to him while he and Amber were having their first dance.  Pretty adorable!

Mom and daughter :)

Tommy & Amber, thanks for inviting me to capture such special memories on your wedding day.  Best wishes to your marriage!

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